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IRS tax-deductible contributionYour donations to the Cavalier Health Fund are welcomed and greatly appreciated. 100% of your contributions will support research that will help cavalier King Charles spaniels live longer, healthier lives. To make a tax-deductible contribution to Cavalier Health Fund, please click this PayPal Donate button:

or, please send your check to:

Cavalier Health Fund
Post Office Box 886
Orlando, Florida 32802

Please include your name, address, and email address or telephone number with your check, so that we may send you a written receipt for your tax-deductible contribution.

FREE: Receive a "Thank You" gift for a contribution of $100 or more

Pat Winters' SnoodsFor your contribution to the Cavalier Health Fund of at least $100.00, we will send your choice of a Cavalier Snood (pictured at the left) or an 8 gigabyte USB flash drive with our logo (pictured below at the right).

The snood is handmade by long-time CKCS breeder Pat Winters of Suffolk, Virginia. The snood comes in various cotton fabric patterns and in a choice of either small or large size. The snood fits over the dog's head and ears to keep them clean while the dog eats its meals. The large size is suitable for most male and large femaie cavaliers. FlashdriveThe small size snood is suitable for puppies and most smaller females.

The flash drive is a handy, compact USB device with a very large capacity for storing digital files.

FREE BOOK!For contributions of $250.00 or more, we will send you "The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The Origin and Founding of the Breed" by Tina and Dennis Homes. Published in 2009, this is a fasciinating and well-documented review of the breed, from its creation in the 1920s through the 21st Century, along with the history of the breed's ancestors beginning in the 1600s under King Charles II of England. Tina and Dennis Homes are long-time breeders of cavaliers under the Leogem affix in England. There has never been any other cavalier book as thorough and comprehensive as this one.  It is loaded with historical photographs of champion dogs, breeders, and documents. This book is available in the United States only through our website.

All Thank You gifts must be mailed to USA postal addresses, only,

Snoods are Essential

If you have any questions, you also may contact us at:

Telephone: 407-422-1234
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